About me

The natural world never ceases to excite, inspire and surprise me. It is the driving force that underpins my work. Nature can act as a key - unlocking doors to science, medicine, history, memory, music and art and in my case, my imagination.  I create harmonious and balanced compositions from natural materials and this practice brings me closer to understanding myself and the world.

My studio

 I am fascinated by the innate beauty of the patterns, lines and colours in nature and I have strong leanings toward detail, design and repeated patterns.

I’m an avid collector and I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking, exploring and collecting. I live on the land and am surrounded by animals, birds and bush, so I have unlimited access to feathers, nuts, seeds , leaves, grasses, stalks, wood and bark, all of which I employ in my art works. The other environment which has a profound influence on my work is the coast. I grew up on the beach, in the surf and on boats. The West Australian coast resonates deeply with my inner being.

I’m an active conservationist and am deeply concerned by the overfishing of our oceans, the plastic pollution overload in both the sea and on our beaches and the bleaching of our corals caused by the ever warming waters to name but a few. In my coastal works I attempt to raise awareness about our thoughtless disposal of waste and plastic by creating harmonious works from salvaged flotsam and jetsam.

Other works pay homage to this stunning, occasionally unblemished and pristine environment I collect, rearrange, build and transform. I gather, dry, soak and dye, I stitch, coil, weave, twine, knot, net and glue. I am attracted in general to the small, the overlooked and in the creation of my works I aspire to bring awareness and rebirth to things which usually go unseen or simply decay.

Many of my works represent a moment in time, a place which has moved me deeply, or they can be an intimate expression of a mood, a concept, a thought or a dream.


Updated: 28-Jan-2020